Why Choose Us

We are what we sell. Our products are a staple in our home. Danny has been preparing these healthy homemade delicacies for his friends and family from his kitchen in Karachi since 2012.

We pride ourselves in using the highest quality ingredients for our products. For our peanut butter, our peanuts are sourced from Parachinar, a region in the northern areas of Pakistan. Even the honey we use, as a supplement to sugar in some of our recipes, is natural and purchased from organic in-house stores in the city. We limit the use of hydrogenated oils, only using extra virgin olive oil, and imported white vinegar for our Arabic Pickle.

Danny’s mission is to make healthy homemade recipes easily accessible and affordable for everybody - hence our prices might catch your eye for the number of hours we put in behind the scenes.

We’re a family who loves spreading the importance of healthy living and eating and we understand the impact that a balanced diet has on our well-being.

For everyone who has tried Danny’s; we thank you and we hope that you enjoyed it! For those of you who haven’t - well, what are you waiting for?

Picture below is from an exhibition we participated in early 2020 in Karachi.