About Us

Danny’s is a small business run by a father and daughter that aims to provide healthy alternatives for items that are used everyday in every home.

My father; a health freak by birth and an avid foodie has entered the food business at different stages of his life. Growing up we were always fed “ghar ka khana” and ordering fast food was a rare treat. Soft drinks? We don’t drink those. He proudly states and i've been hearing it since I was 16 that the last time he touched soda was 12 years ago. Today, it’s still 12 years ago though so I’m beginning to doubt this proud phenomena of his!

At one point in time my father ran his Turkish Resturaunt near the Arts Council in Karachi called Topkapi. The food was phenomenal - he had invited chefs from Turkey to train our local chefs but the space was too large and Karachi in the 90s didn’t have a huge palette for Turkish food.

Now, and a couple of more interesting experiences later, I’ve convinced him to start selling online as the family of products are healthy, and have no preservatives or artificial colors added.  

We’re trying to recreate authentic delicacies that he has had experiences with in his life. Introducing our two specialties - Hummus and Kimchi. Hummus is inspired from the restaurant Topkapi and Kimchi by him spending four years with his Korean roommate in college in the 80s; where he picked up the art of making Kimchi.

Today we offer a large variety of spreads and essentials to cater to all palettes with the promise to continue to improvise and grow. 

We promise authenticity and money worth spent!